The International Geological Mining Park of Raibl

Polo Museale di Cave del Predil

The International Geological Mining Park of Raibl with its old mine, can be visited on board of a small electricity conducted train. The village is situated 900 metres above sea-level, between Monte Re, Monte Cinque Punte and the Lake of Raibl. It is surrounded by bushy beech and spruce fir forests, pastures and rocks, a unique landscape in Italy.

The Park is a touristic and educational destina­tion for groups interested in discovering a less well-known area on the Italian terri­tory, rich with history and deeply rooted traditions. The Park hosts one of the most important lead and zinc mines in Europe: discovered in the Roman era, it was active from the XVIII century until 1990, and has now become an eco-museum. The guided tour includes an electric train ride and lasts around 1 hour. It is a trip inside Earth, to discover minerals, extraction techniques, but most of all to understand the struggles of thousands of miners who have worked in its insides for centuries.

Informations for the visit:

The visit inside the mine can be by foot or by the electic train. To know the departures to the mine call +39 346-7674714.

Inside the mine there is a constant temperature of 6 °, so we reccomend warm clothes and closed shoes.

For safety reasons we do not recommend visiting children under the age of 5.


No entry for dogs.

For any info and booking please refer to + 39 346-7674714 / +39 345-5341267  or

Tickets for The International Geological Mining Park of Raibl:

full ticket :               8 €
reduced ticket 1:    6 € for children from 7 to 14 years old, over 65, groups of more than 10 people
reduced ticket 2:    4 € for school group from 7 to 14 years old
Free                                for children under 6 years old


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  1. Buongiorno,
    chiedo cortesemente le date e gli orari di apertura, per visitare le cave.
    Inoltre volevo sapere se avete riduzioni sui biglietti d’ingresso per Invalidi Civili.
    In fede, Daniele Bertossi

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