Museum of Mining Tradition

Polo Museale di Cave del Predil
Museum mining tradition

In this prestigious building  – which once housed  the headquarters of the mine – we propose  this exhibition/museum, as a travel through materials, items and issues linked to the manifold history of the site, and aimed to observe how the mining activity marked  the existence of the settlement and of the people there residing over the years. MINIERA LAB is how the NEW MUSEUM has been named, since we believe that this new exhibition, that hosts the memory of mining heritage, can turn into an archive, a documentation center, a place where documents and witnesses are gathered on an ongoing basis, with the purpose to share them  with scholars, former miners, local residents, simply curious people and amateurs too: everyone of them actively contributing to enliven this location, starting from their own interests.

The visit so far set up tells us about this valley, the surrounding mountains,  the everyday life in the offices  (from mid 1930s to the final closure), and depicts also scenes and witnesses of the miners’ work and the typical events that have marked the development, both in Italy and in Slovenia,  down to the struggles against the final closure.

Info useful for organizing the visit

We recommend a visit to the Museum LAB before entering the international geo-mining park.

The tour lasts approximately 1 h.

The museum has a bookshop.

Ticket for the Museum of Mining Tradition:

full ticket :               8 €
reduced ticket 1:    6 € for children from 7 to 14 years old, over 65, groups of more than 10 people
reduced ticket 2:    4 € for school group from 7 to 14 years old
Free                                for children under 6 years old


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